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Round Hill Roastery in Bath roast the best coffee in the UK (in our opinion) so we had to use them. They're local which reduces food (coffee?) miles, and they have the same idea of sustainability as us which is fantastic, and means we can develop our relationship going forward knowing we're on the same page.

We currently have three house coffee offerings from Round Hill - Unit 14 (named after the unit they're based in at Midsommer Norton), Circles, and Galeras Decaf. Unit 14 was our original coffee, and it changes over the year due to bean availability - the profile and taste notes are always similar, and you get a delightfully robust coffee. Circles is a Brazilian coffee bean, the same all year round, giving a sweet and rich espresso. Both are delightful specialty coffees, and you can certainly taste the difference between the two. We also serve a decaf for those who prefer not to have caffeine - a full and smooth coffee. All coffees cost the same price, so try them both and see which you prefer!


Please come in & ask us if you have anything specific in mind. Clicking on each image takes you to the Round Hill Roastery page for more information on each coffee, including the farmer and their property. If there is something particular (decaf, a specific roast) you want, let us know and we can order it in for you.

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